Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Rolling Stones

This is the Rolling Stones in 1964.  This is a long clip.  "It's All Over Now" around the middle of the clip is mesmerising.  I was 8 in 1964 and looking back at this and thinking about these times I realise how different they must have seemed at the time and how the  "lock up your daughters thing" came about.

Jakob Dylan

Daddy is a hard act to follow but he's doing fine!

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant

My favourite song from Raising Sand.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gram Parsons

I know the stuff about how influential he was and all that but the reason I love this song is because of these lyrics - "And the gun that's hanging on the kitchen wall, dear, is like the roadsign pointing straight to Satan's cage".

Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch

This is a beautiful song.  It was part of the soundtrack for the Coen Brothers film, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". A while ago I made a CD for my dear friend Naomi, it had this song on it and she liked it.  She died just over two years ago and I miss her.  This song was played at her funeral. 

The Killers song Human really reminds me of Naomi as well.  It was a track that I put on another CD for her and I have a great memory from a time I was staying with her - waking up to the song being played very loudly, early in the morning on a beautiful summer's day .  She played it over and over that day and we danced like we used to dance some 30 years ago...

J. J Cale

The problem with trying to say anything about the songs I'm posting is that the reason I'm posting them is because I really like them.  I like this one..

The Impressions

There are some songs that just make you happy to be alive....

Jake Beveridge

This is my son Jake who is 17.  This is a song he wrote about leaving home.  This video was made by his friends through a charity based in Scotland called Spirit Aid. The charity provides humanitarian relief overseas to children and young people.  They also run a film project in Glasgow for young people and this video was part of a film project. 

This is his first proper gig with a band at the ABC in Glasgow in December 2011.  The video was recorded on someone's phone.  He wrote this song too and it makes me incredibly proud. He has been friends with Lewis, who plays the saxophone, for years and it is strange now to think of them as wee boys.

She and Him

Heard this one in a clothes shop in London and after much searching around the internet managed to find out who it was.  I like to sing (badly) and this has a chorus where I can "gie it laldy"!

Bon Iver

Thank you to my son Jake for introducing me to Bon Iver and particularly for showing me this version...

Hank Williams

I think Hank Williams voice became part of my subconscious from an early age as I'm sure his music was somewhere in the background from when I was very young.  "Your Cheating Heart" is a song that I recognised when I heard it but I only have a vague memory of hearing it when we lived in Sorbie.  It may even have been one that my sister sang into her hairbrush.

It  was not until I was living in London in the 1980s that I fell in with love Hank.  Listening to his and Bob Dylan's music probably made me realise just how important music is to me.

I don't think there is Hank Williams song that I don't like.  I have sung and yodelled this very loudly and badly many times.  It's even more effective if there are a few of you and you are drunk..